Types of Tiki Torches Available in the Market

Whether you are purchasing tiki torches for illumination at night or for decoration purposes, these torches have a unique flair that can make the space stand out. The tiki torches can be found in various designs and you can check out the prices of the torch that you like the most online. By reading ahead, you will learn about the different kinds of torches available in the market and how they are used around your premises.

Metal Tiki Torches

Those people who would like to install durable tiki torches in their yard should opt for metal or glass torches. They offer a modern look and there are fewer chances of them catching on fire. There are numerous brands and styles that the metal tiki torches can be found it. There are many brands in the market that allow you to make adjustments to the height of the torch according to your requirements. These torches are popular because they offer many years worth of satisfaction and add to the decoration of your home.

Bamboo Tiki Torches

The bamboo tiki torches are popular in regions like Hawaii or locations near the beach. They are inexpensive and can really add a distinctive touch to your antique home. You can use them when you are having summer barbecues or even when you decide to throw a themed party. These torches are a short term option as they only last for one to two seasons. A problem to these torches is that they are flammable and a breeze or too much fuel can lead to a fire.

Solar Tiki Torches

The solar powered tiki torches are a great option if you would like to avoid the process of filling fuel into reservoirs. They have a modern appearance and are available in metal. These torches can be used in sets or individually. However, they are more costly than the traditional tikis that are available in the market. The drawback to these torches is that they are dependent on solar energy. Not only that, but they need rechargeable batteries which can be very expensive to replace.

These are not the only options available in the market. You can even check out the copper tiki torches and the gas tiki torches. It is advised that you select the option that fits with the style of your home and adds a pleasing touch to your space.

How to Clean Your Sunbrella Patio Furniture

Do you know how important and necessary it is for a person to take good care of their sunbrella patio furniture? If you do not, then it is time that you found out that even though sunbrella furniture is mildew resistant, it can still take in dirt and mud. It is very important that you take extra care of the sunbrella outdoor patio furniture that is located on your patio because wet mud and dirt when exposed to air have the potential to begin growing in the form of mildew on the sunbrella furniture.

Normal Cleaning Methods

Your patio furniture sunbrella might have a lot of dirt lying on its surface and you probably do not even know it. If you notice any loose dirt on the furniture, you should consider brushing it off using a brush or a towel before you apply any other methods of cleaning. After you have wiped the furniture, you should consider creating a solution utilizing mild soap mixed with warm water. Once you have created the solution, grab a sponge and begin cleaning any stained portions on the furniture. Press the brush or the sponge into your furniture and remove the stains by using soft circular motions. Allow your sunbrella furniture to take the solution into itself and then allow the fabric of the furniture to dry out in the open sun.

Cleaning Any Spots and Dark Stains

Sunbrella patio furniture covers can prove to be quick in getting rid of stains if you yourself move fast enough. The furniture’s fabric is resistant to moisture, which is why a number of liquids that are capable of causing stains are not able to grab onto the fabric’s fiber long enough to give rise to a long lasting stain. Some people often spill wine or ice-cream on their furniture and end up having to do a lot more work to get rid of the stain. You will have to apply a soap solution utilizing a spray bottle and a sponge to scrub the stain out. You will have to scrub the solution into the area where the stain has developed. Utilize a soft brush to take the spot out. Wash the soap out completely because if you leave some soap behind, it will mean that you are leaving a small and pale stain behind as well.

Excessive Cleaning

Some stains are very difficult to remove from the fabric of our outdoor furniture. You will need to create a solution using soap and bleach. Apply the solution to the stained area and scrub the location vigorously utilizing a soft brush. Do not leave any bleach behind.

Beautify Your Garden With Attractive Garden Decor

Would you like to design your garden with gorgeous garden decor and make it appear as the best one on the block? If so, then you should know that there is so much to do and so many different styles to apply in order to make your porch and front yard look fantastic. You can find out about different garden decor ideas by continuing reading ahead. Some of the garden decorations that you can purchase are:

Enlargement of the Garden

Did you know that it is possible for you to create a false impression of a large garden by using just a glass? If you place a mirror between the plants and you, then you can add depth and make your garden look larger than before. All you have to do is place the glass near the fence and sit back to see how the front yard increases before you when you look into the mirror.

Spring Fever Fiesta

You can add a nice flair to the garden with the spring fiesta. You can add a flower into inexpensive glassware to make the entire area seem fancy and use tea light to add a nice flair to the appearance of the garden!

Add Life to Your Garden By Planting Flowers On Your Bench

If you are searching for unique garden decor, then you should consider using your garden bench in the form of a planter. The bench’s seat can be utilized as a shelf where you can place your plant collection inside containers. You can water them every morning and watch as they grow into beautiful plants on the top of the bench seat.

Decorate the Fence

Fences can also be designed with home and garden decor to look more interesting. You can hang bouquets and other garden decor that you find exciting to add something new to the location along with giving rise to a peaceful environment the next time you are hosting a party in your garden!

Papasan Oasis

If you would really like to do something unique with your garden, then you should not put up swings, but you should consider having a papsan chair installed with curtain panels. This inverted chair will serve as an excellent shady garden get away.

You have so much to choose from when it comes to garden decor. It mainly depends upon you how you would like to decorate your garden and what you would like to do with it to make it different from all the other gardens in the neighborhood. You can check out different decorations online or even go shopping in order be able to see what choices you have available to make the selection from.

Simple and Natural Rooftop Garden Design

Rooftop garden design will make your rooftop becomes more green and natural. Exactly, when you want to make a garden on the rooftop, you cannot plant a tree because it is too big. Just make it a natural touch on the rooftop and you will get a beautiful look. Anyway, to design the garden on the rooftop, you also have to compare it with the space. Every house does not have the same space, so you have to think your rooftop capability. However, just make a simple design and it will be a cozy place.

First design about rooftop garden is simple and natural. Just like the name, you just need to be simple and natural in designing the rooftop garden. Since the concept is garden, so you have to think about the plant first. Place some plants around of the rooftop, it means you need more plants. After that it will be looked like a mini garden on your rooftop. Then, to make it more comfortable, just place to couches on it. In the middle of couches, you can put one plant with a big size. Rooftop garden design is simple and you do not have to be confused.

Second design is called dense and wonderful. You should make the rooftop becomes dense with some plants. If you enter door on the south, so you have to make the north part of your rooftop becomes dense. You can put many plants there, and just make it dense. You also have to make the wall around the rooftop becomes dense with some plants. You can choose plants creep for the wall. Do not forget to make it cozy, one sofa in the middle of the rooftop is enough. Rooftop garden design is done, and you can follow those designs above guys.

How to Make Formal Garden Design

Formal garden design is a design of garden with geometric and it is symmetrical. It is totally different with common garden that you always see, because you cannot plant the flowers or plants randomly. That is why you have to make it formal and beautiful. Anyway, garden design with formal style is easy to make. The important thing that you have to do is look how big your garden. If the space is not a problem, it means you can start to make the design of formal garden.

First, you have to know the design, it is going to be rectangular, oval, or circle. As mentioned above, it is geometric and symmetric garden, so you have to design the concept. Second, you have to design the path. Why? Because the path is the important thing for walking. It makes everyone who comes to your garden do not walk at random. Third, exactly you have to design the plant. You should pay more attention on the plant because it is formal garden. Formal garden design should be neat and beautiful. You have to know where the best spot to make it dense is or not.

Beside that in design of planting, you have to make it symmetrical. It means you have to plant the plants along the path. If you have designed the formal garden with a square concept, it means you have to make the path from north to south and east to west. Plant the dense plants around the garden to make it beautiful, and then you have to plant some flowers along the path. In the middle of the path you can make a little gazebo for relaxing. Formal garden design is simple isn’t? If so, now you have to know how to make it, and let’s make it true!