French, Classic, and Dramatic Limestone Fireplace

Limestone fireplace is kind of fireplace which built of limestone. Limestone fireplaces have been popular especially in French. It means that fireplace which is made of limestone has a high value. As you know that everything which is related with French, it must be beautiful. That is why limestone fireplaces must be incredible and awesome. Limestone fireplaces are typically white and smooth. Since it is made of limestone, usually there is a carved on the front of fireplace. Therefore, limestone fireplaces will make the room to be classic and beautiful just like you have been dreaming of.

Anyway, there are many styles of fireplace from limestone. Alright, first is French limestone fireplaces. As mentioned above, this fireplace is very popular in French. Limestone fireplace with French style always has a big firebox and it is also identic with white color. As you already known that every French style always combine the design with geometry around. It is going to make the French limestone fireplaces become beautiful more and more. Then, the next style of fireplace from limestone is classic cream and gold limestone fireplaces. Just like the name, it looks so classic with cream and gold color.

Limestone is a unique color, because it can be looked cream and it can be changed to be gold. By combining cream and gold in the fireplace, it makes an amazing atmosphere around the fireplace. You will feel cozy and comfortable at the same time. After that the last style of fireplace from limestone is dramatic limestone fireplaces. Why is it called dramatic? Because you need a big space to make this fireplace. The firebox is really big, or maybe it is bigger than a normal size. Limestone fireplace can be built from an aesthetic fireplace until an incredible fireplace. So, what will you choose guys?

Steps to Make Artificial Fireplace on Summer

Artificial fireplace is a fake fireplace to make a great decoration in your room. When the winter has gone, you do not need a fireplace anymore. Anyway, you should not have to ignore the fireplace, because you can make the fireplace artificial. Right now, when the summer comes, you should make the fireplace becomes more beautiful by making fireplace artificial. It is not difficult, because the only thing that you have is a little bit imagination. Since it is impossible to ignite the fireplace on the fire, you should follow these steps below to make it beautiful.

Anyway, there are some steps to make fireplace artificial. First, you have to clean the fireplace. Exactly, you want to make it beautiful, and cleaning is the best idea that you have to do at the first time. Clean it up from ashes and fume inside the firebox. After that the next step that you have to do is repaint the fireplace. Paint it becomes fresh because in the summer you need something fresh. Artificial fireplace only can be made if you have a wood fireplace, or at least you have a big firebox.

Then, after you clean and paint it, put some candles inside the fireplace. Choose the big candle, not the small one. You can change the candle with lamps anyway. Do not forget to decorate the mantel fireplace to be more beautiful. It also makes the fireplace artificial looks cute. When you have followed those steps above, the last thing is decorate the fireplace artificial to be looked like real. Decorate the candle inside, manage the lighting position, and the mantel decoration. That’s it! Artificial fireplace is easy and you can make it by yourself. Therefore, those are some steps to make fireplace artificial on the summer. Let’s make it come true guys!

Ancient Outdoor Stone Fireplace Ideas

Stone fireplace ideas are some ideas to build a stone fireplace, and this article will you about ideas to build an ancient outdoor stone fireplace. You can build it behind of your house, in the garden, or maybe in your patio. Maybe you have known that stone fireplace is very unique and classic. It always gives a natural look not only for the fireplace itself but also for the decoration around the fireplace. You can build an ancient outdoor stone fireplace in your garden, and it can be a good place for relaxing.

As mentioned above, there are many ideas to build an ancient outdoor stone fireplace. First idea is you should have the space. You should know that to make a stone fireplace, at least you have a big space. Ancient stone fireplace always needs a chimney, and it needs a big space. Second idea, you have to build it in the middle of your garden. If you have a patio, so you have to build it in the middle of patio. Stone fireplace ideas should be wonderful, which is why you have to know about those ideas.

After that third idea is you have to build it tall and high. Construct the stone and make the fireplace higher than before. It should be wonderful and different with other ideas. The design also should be ancient, you can see in many movies about ancient stone fireplace. Then, the next idea is you have to build bench around the fireplace from concrete. It is going to be a good place for you to sit and gather with your friends and family. Stone fireplace ideas make a stone fireplace becomes wonderful. Even though the stone fireplace looks ancient, it is going to make a great atmosphere for your garden. So, do you want to follow those ideas?

Three Types of Modern Fireplace Screen

Modern fireplace screen will cover you fireplace and make it look more modern than before. As you know that fireplace screen has a function to cover the fireplace. It makes your room will always be clean because there is no ashes or fume coming out from the fireplace. Furthermore, it also covers everything comes in to the fireplace from the outside. Anyway, modern fireplace screens have been popular this year because it makes the fireplace looks modern. It is incredible isn’t? If so, there are many kinds of fireplace screen with modern style.

First kind of fireplace screen is single modern panel fireplace screen. It is the simple one, because there is only one single panel to be a screen on the fireplace. If you want to make the fireplace looks modern but it keeps simple, this screen can be the best choice. Then, the second kind of fireplace screen is three modern fold fireplace screen. Just like the name, there are three screens which cover the fireplace. It is not only making the fireplace gets a modern look, but also it is covering the fireplace perfectly. Modern fireplace screen should be suitable with your fireplace whether it is big or not.

As mentioned above, the screen should be suitable. It means when you have a big fireplace, you also need the big screen. By the way, if you are looking for the big screen, you should choose the third kind, it is five modern fold fireplace screen. There are five screens which cover the fireplace. So, you do not have to worry about the fireplace, the screen will cover it well with five screens around the fireplace. Modern fireplace screen looks simple but it makes the fireplace modern. Therefore, those are many kinds of fireplace screen with modern look.

Many Kinds of Fireplace Fronts

Fireplace fronts are kind of frame for your fireplace to be looked so beautiful just like what you want. As you know that fireplace is not only used for keeping the room but also it makes the room becomes beautiful. That is why you have to make the fireplace exterior looks so different. Anyway, you can make it look classic, modern, even you can make it antique. It all depends on the fireplace front type that you choose. Whether it is wood fireplace or gas fireplace, you should make it beautiful more and more.

There are many kinds of fireplace front you might like. First fireplace front is classic charm fireplace front. It is the simple one because the shape is square and there is a curved on the top. If you want to make the fireplace gets a classic look, it is the best choice. Most of fronts for fireplace are made of metal, but do not worry because classic type will be looked so classic. Fireplace fronts should be matching with the firebox shape anyway. When you have firebox like a gate, you should choose the second fireplace front, it is modern gate fireplace front.

Just like the name, the shape is like a gate in your fireplace. The frame is really unique and beautiful for your fireplace. The last kind about fireplace front is antique fireplace front. Since it is antique, you should compare it with the fireplace itself. There are many shapes of antique fireplace front such as square, rectangle, and many more. The characteristic of antique fireplace front is there is a carved on the frame. Exactly, it makes the fireplace becomes more antique and beautiful. Fireplace fronts are simple, but it changes everything. So, are you interested to use it? If so, just choose those kinds of fireplace front guys.